Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Green & white

Hello all!! How are we doing on this cloudy, brisk Wednesday? Hope everyone's week is better than mine. Seems like my horrible Monday was the precedent for the rest of my week. smh : Positive thoughts: :positive thoughts: lol Any who, another lost file look; I have quite a few more coming. Some neutrals & whites with a pop of color and print. Paired some white capris with a been and white geometric print top. Like how the top has a little hidden side ruching, makes the fit that much better. Also like how the the front flap of the top is longer than the rest of the top. Hides the fact that my capris are a bit more roomy than id like them to be . lol As Tim Gunn would say, "Make it work"! :-) Added the tan wedge and darker green shoulder bag to off set the other two colors so it wouldn't look so monotonous and accessorized using gold jewels!

Top & Capris: NY&Co
Wedge: JustFab
Jewelry: Charlotte Russe
Ring: NY&CO

Shoulder Bag: Michael Kors
Polish: Essie (Blanco)

Hope you guys enjoy!! Looking forward to you coming back for more!!!
Let me know what you think! :-)

Thank you,


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