Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Day/ Party Outfit Ideas

Hi guys! The holidays are quickly approaching. Some may have parties or luncheons to attend, others may just want to spice it up a lot or a little. Whatever the case may be, I have some ideas for you! From Dressy to casual & comfy and extra festive! :-)

Little black dress: Most of us have that little black dress that we can dress down or up. So get that dress out of the closet and throw it on for the holidays. You can pair with some red pumps, jewels or a nice little clutch.

Separates: Separates are another option if you want to dress up but prefer to wear a top and bottom and not a dress. You can collab with black slacks or a black skirt and add a nice sweater or blouse.

Casual: Some occasions call for something more casual. You can look nice, but casual and comfy. This look can be achieved with a pair of plain dark blue jeans or plain black jeans, a nice blouse or cute sweater. Make sure the jeans are plain; no fading, rips or designs!

Costumes: Want to be daring or a bit more festive?? Try a holiday costume! Yes! there are Christmas Costumes besides santa. You can go for Santa's little helper or Mrs. Clause, which costume would you choose?

There's an outfit for any occasion, mood or preference.  You can choose to dress it up, be a little bit more casual or spice it up with some imagination! So pick and choose for your holiday festivities, whether it be from your closet or something new. Look cute and have fun with it! :-)

 Hope you guys enjoy!! Looking forward to you coming back for more!!!
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