Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ruffle Sleeves

Hello all!! Is it hot enough for everyone yet!? I know it is for me, but summer time is fun time for me! :-).  Just glad I have air conditioning at work, even though I need my heater cuz it gets a bit too chilly.  Any who, First glance because of the color, I wanted this top, but then i saw the shape & thought naaaah. I tend to stay away from boxy or no shape tops; mainly because of my build (slim, small bust) lol. To my surprise when I tried it on, it was a thumbs up! Thought I'd pair it with a capri pant and voila! Is capri pant an oxymoron??

Another browns/blues mixture :-)

I like the ruffle detail on the sleeves
of the shirt. Think they Add a more 
girlyangelic look to the ensemble.

Hope you guys enjoy!! Looking forward to you coming back for more!!!
Let me know what you think! :-)

Thank you,