Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dirty Circle Red Carpet

Hello all!! I recently attended a friend's Red Carpet Event. The event was for his second book, The Dirty Circle, now on its way to the big screen! Yes, the book will be turned into a movie! Round of applause for Quash! Any who, even though it was red carpet, it was kind of formal/semi formal. I had no clue what to wear, so, when in doubt, stand out! I had purchased this dress many many years ago from Joyce Leslie and NEVER wore it. You guys remember that era when the pouf frame dresses were popular?? lol I thought this would be the perfect time to put this dress to work. Original idea was to accessorize with red shoes and dark jewelry, but I opted for black shoes and mixed color jewelry and a soft red lip. Kept everything soft and classy! :-)

P.S. excuse the pearls missing from my necklace. I forget every time, but I love this necklace so much I can't help but to wear it!

Detail: Stripes

Dress: Joyce Leslie
Belt: attached to dress

Jewelry: NY&Co

Clutch: Spring
Detail: Ruching
Heels: DSW (08/09)

The man of the hour, Quashon Davis!

Hope you guys enjoy!! Looking forward to you coming back for more!!!
Let me know what you think! :-)

Thank you,


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