Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Layer Me!

You never what you'r to expect these days, mother nature has us on our toes! Don't fret, you can always be prepared with a little bit of layering. Here are some great ideas to choose from as you play along with Falling into Winter. 

1. Scarf ~ Scarves have alway been a must have for the more wintry days. Now you can pretty much wear a scarf any season!  They come in various fabrics, colors, designs and styles. So grab a scarf and experiment with different ways to tie, shape and wear!

2. Blazer ~ Next you have the blazer, which is an all time favorite.  A blazer can pretty much be worn all year round. For the fall season it can also be used in place of a jacket. Just Like a scarf, a blazer comes in various fabrics, colors, styles. Have fun and dress it up or down.

3. Jean Shirt ~ The Jean shirt has been around for a while, and has come to be appreciated for the last couple years. Another versatile item which comes in an array of shades/washes and can also be dressed up or down. So go pull out that jean shirt and mix it up!

4. Cardigan ~ The age old Cardigan, its almost  every girl's best friend! It can be worn with basically anything. With so many options to choose from like button down, pull overs or oversized, you have plenty of options to play with

5. Vest ~ Last but not least, you have your vests. Vests are perfect for layering, like the other items, they too have a variety. Varying from fabrics, size and weight. A new trend that actually became popular again is the faux fur vest. Choose the perfect style for you and layer up!

What are some of your favorite layering pieces??

Hope you guys enjoy!! Looking forward to you coming back for more!!!
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